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Finally Find the Desire to Take Action!

Finally Find the Desire to Take Action!

You may sometimes be confronted with stressful situations for a short period. However, when this stress level remains high over a prolonged period, the bacterial flora is affected. This may lead to exhaustion, depression, frailty to infections and digestive disorders.

Steps to take for improved health


1- Toxins Getting in the Way

To get fit and healthy, it is essential to remember to clean the body. When we talk about detoxification, it is also important not to be too aggressive with drastic cures. What better way than to use plants with cleansing properties and beneficial effects, taken as an infusion?

2- Friends For Life

Secondly, it will be essential to help rebuild the intestinal flora as it will have a beneficial effect on the general health of the digestive system. This one assists in the making of certain vitamins, assimilating minerals, degrading carbohydrates and fiber, eliminating toxins and neutralizing pathogens.

3- The Light at the End of the Tunnel

Finally, it will be more than desirable to improve the condition of the intestinal mucosa in order to allow it to return to its noble properties, as it plays a major role in the overall digestion, assimilation and intestinal regularity.

Here is a Surprising and Effective Trio!



With its mild laxative action, Easy Lax Max+ tea cleanses the intestines and promotes regularity by providing true relief to occasional or chronic constipation. The presence of a particular plant, figwort, provides this mild laxative effect. It is diuretic, analgesic (against pain) and relieves skin disorders (eczema, psoriasis).

Easy Lax Max+ tea also contains three other remarkable plants: whorled mallow for its mucilage, licorice for its emollient effects, and cat's-claw for its anti-inflammatory properties. Together, these extraordinary plants allow a gentle action on the intestine while protecting it against irritation and intestinal inflammation.


The Bifilact probiotic formula is mainly composed of Bifidobacteria longum BB536 and Lactobacillus acidophilus LAC361. It improves intestinal comfort when dealing with gas or bloating and acts effectively to prevent and relieve diarrhea, inflammatory bowel diseases (ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease, diverticulitis) and symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome.

Bifilact was the subject of several studies demonstrating its effectiveness and safety. One of them, led by the Radiation Oncology team at a University Hospital in Quebec, has shown that Bifilact, compared to a placebo, could prevent or delay the incidence of moderate to severe symptoms of diarrhea for patients receiving radiation treatments.


ImmuniComplex's formula strengthens the immune barrier's functions by helping to reduce inflammation and rebuilding irritated and thinned mucosa, thanks to the Isatis root (acting on the gastrointestinal health), zinc (role in the immune response) and a key ingredient.

The Key Ingredient

PeptiBal® is a fish protein hydrolyzate prepared from an exclusive process (patent pending). This active ingredient helps improve intestinal integrity and strengthens the immune system.

Conclusive Clinical Studies

Following clinical trials, it has been demonstrated that PeptiBal® increases blood levels of immunoglobulin A (IgA) in as little as 4 weeks. IgA is an antibody which can trap foreign substances before they travel to the intestinal mucosa. It was also demonstrated that PeptiBal® stimulates secretion of interleukin-6 (IL-6), which is involved in acute and chronic stages of inflammation.

PeptiBal® also contributes in increasing TH1 and TH2 cytokines (interferons, interleukins), which enhance the immune response and help prevent pathogens to cross the intestinal mucosa and to solicit the immune system. PeptiBal® works effectively with a dosage as low as 300 mg per day, and its safety has been demonstrated in independent clinical trials.

The Gut and the Immune System: Closely Related!

The intestine is one of the first immune defenses as it hosts 80% of our immunity. Helping reduce inflammation and repair the intestinal mucosa reinforces the physical barrier blocking and preventing the entry of pathogens.

While some pathogens may be able to penetrate the intestinal mucosa, the bacterial flora is able to increase the rates of TH1 and TH2, enhancing the elimination of these pathogens.

A Winning Solution in Rebuilding Your Gut Health!

Do not wait and enjoy this natural and effective solution for a healthy bacterial flora, a renewed intestinal mucosa, and a strong and reliable immunity. Get your energy back.
Jo Ann Paradis ND.A.

Certified Naturopath
Phytotherapy Graduate
Trainer and Speaker
Newspaper Columnist / Radio / Tv

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