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Why detox your body?

Why detox your body?

We live in a fast consumer society where the air is not always healthy. There preservatives, food colors and full of additives in our industrialized food. Our body is constantly trying to eliminate toxins that seep into our bodies. Today, the concentration of toxins is increasingly present, which does not leave much time for our bodies to deal with the real internal problems.

The purpose of the detox is to eliminate the toxins that the body fails to overcome. This is a intense clean up inside our body to give it a second wind. Some of our bodies try to evacuate toxins from our body (skin, lungs, liver, kidneys, intestines). The detox can remove them overwork and regain a healthier pace. When the body is saturated and overstretched by removing toxins, it begins to express a variety of symptoms such as: poor sleep, digestive, skin problems, ENT, lower immune defenses, etc. The detoxification will mitigate these adverse symptoms and provide energy to better function.

The benefits of detoxification

Balances the intestinal ecosystem
Improves mood
Embellished physical appearance
Restores vital energy

You will feel better and energetic. You probably will lose weight and you get better sleep. By paying attention to what you eat , you will take care of yourself , you will be more relaxed, your skin tone will be brighter and you will look healthier.

The physical effort

Eliminates toxins natural way
Improved sleep
Improved the system cardio - vascular
Strengthens your muscles
Help for weight loss

Add the physical effort to detox will help eliminate toxins from natural way . It will increase the beneficial effect, a restful sleep and improve the flow of your system. Some sports like jogging or cycling will help you to loosing weight and training sessions are recommended . In addition, you will make exercise ( 30-45 minutes 3 times a week ideally ) better your body will be.

Better nutrition

Eliminate anything that is not natural
Lots of water and green tea drink
Prefer fruits and vegetables
Prefer low-fat meats
Avoid animal protein

Avoid dairy products, refined sugars, flours bleached, gluten, products containing preservatives, food colors and additives modified. Eat lot of fruits and vegetables and wash it well. Avoid animal protein and dairy products. Prefer low-fat meats like chicken and fish. Use vegetable oils for cooking and for your recipes.

Drinking lots

Eliminates waste
Hydrates the body
Aids digestion

Drinking lots of water, green tea, herbal tea, real juices without added sugar, smoothies and green juices who have antioxidant properties , will eliminate waste faster and hydrate your body . Those fluids will help to facilitate digestion and will give positive results.



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