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Tisanes Lalma


Tisanes Lalma, herbes et thés de Virage Santé

A tea bag of 1.5 g = 1 cup of tea
A tea bag of 2.8 g = 3 cups of tea

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  • Breathe-in


    Special Price: CA$7.45

    Breath-In herbal tea soothes the respiratory tract and helps reduces cold or flu s...
  • Bron-ki


    Special Price: CA$7.75

    Bron-ki is a new herbal tea used in Herbal Medicine as an expectorant to help...
  • Comfort


    Special Price: CA$7.45

    Drape yourself in this soothing and comforting warmth! Comfort was designed to com...
  • Detox


    Special Price: CA$7.45

    Detox is the perfect herbal tea to cleanse your organism. The Detox herbal tea pro...
  • Digestive


    Special Price: CA$7.45

    Digestive herbal tea helps relieve mild digestive disturbances (such as dyspepsia,...
  • Diurino


    Special Price: CA$7.45

    Diurino is an efficient herbal tea that helps the bladder and the kidneys' work in...
  • Easy Lax

    Easy Lax

    Special Price: CA$7.45

    Easy Lax herbal tea produces a laxative action and cleans intestinal tract. This h...
  • Easy Lax max+

    Easy Lax max+

    Special Price: CA$7.45

    Easy Lax max+ is a laxative infusion that relieves constipation and cleans intesti...
  • Flex-t


    Special Price: CA$10.55

    The Flex-t herbal tea naturally relieves any problems related to joints (joint pai...
  • Gluco-lib


    Special Price: CA$10.55

    Gluco-lib herbal tea helps to bring blood sugar to normal levels. Whereas the numb...
  • Great Figure

    Great Figure

    Special Price: CA$7.45

    Great Figure is a thinning herbal tea that contributes to weight loss. Great ...
  • Green Tea

    Green Tea

    Special Price: CA$7.45

    The antioxidant characteristics of the plants combined with Green Tea makes it an ...
  • Javaslim-t


    Special Price: CA$7.45

    Javaslim-t is an excellent infusion to drink when on a diet. It eases weight loss ...
  • Menopausal


    Special Price: CA$7.45

    Menopausal herbal tea contributes to the woman's balance during menopause. This he...
  • Nightly


    Special Price: CA$7.45

    Nightly herbal tea helps relieves sleep disorders. Nightly is a new herbal tea tha...
  • Pleasant Dreams

    Pleasant Dreams

    Special Price: CA$7.45

    Pleasant Dreams herbal tea contributes to relaxes, soothes away stress and allows ...
  • Slim tea Trio

    Slim tea Trio

    Special Price: CA$21.50

    Slim tea diet is for individuals who want to loose weight. The plants used work ...
  • Sweet Life

    Sweet Life

    Special Price: CA$7.75

    Sweet Life herbal tea contributes to relaxes, soothes away stress and allows ...
  • Tea trio

    Tea trio

    Special Price: CA$52.99

    Make a pleasant discovery, enjoy this wonderful trio of teas offered through our L...
  • Vitality+


    Special Price: CA$7.45

    Vitality+is a unique blend of plants designed to support and maintain body an...

20 Item(s)

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