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Q. : Does your Tea Infusion Bamboo contain gluten? Also does it contain vitamin C and if so how much?

R.: Bamboo Tea Infusion doesn't contain gluten and vitamin C. Also, it doesn't contain theine (caffeine): it doesn't chafe the mouth's mucous membrane and perfect for children.


Q. : How often can i use the detox tea?

R. : We recommend taking 1 to 3 cups per day of Detox herbal tea for the optimal effects of the infusion. But you can use the tea as needed.


Q. : I have been using your Easy-Lax Elimination tea since Sept. 2011 and have found it to be a miracle solution for my problems with ibs-C and irregularity. I also used one of your laxative teas b4 I got pregnant in June of 2011, during my pregnancy I only used glycerin suppositories to help with constipation and found myself taking 3-4 a day, and still had bad nausea. Currently I am still on the tea and am diluting beyond what the pack recommends, yet I need to have at least one small cup every night. I just found out last week I am pregnant with my 2nd child and would really like to know if it's safe to take a cup every night . Are they any studies or anecdotal evidence . I guess I'd like for one of your Naturopathes or herbalist to confirm it that it is safe at anytime during pregnancy. After all, I still was able to conceive while taking the tea every night. Please get back to me asap as I would like to know if I am doing any damage to my unborn baby.

R.: Easy Lax herbal tea is not recommended if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. So it's better to wait until the end of your pregnancy or when you stop breastfeeding completely.
But you could take probiotics. According to some studies, probiotics could limit risks of allergies in upcoming babies. This makes it of interest to take it while pregnant. Our probiotics are natural, contain no preserving or chemical agents and are specific to humans. They can be used by all family members without risk.


Q. : Are your teas organic?

R. : Most of Lalma Herbal Teas are certified organic by QAI. We work hard to provide high quality ingredients, effective, and organics. But in some cases, it is impossible to find a medicinal herb or plant that is organic. When we finally find a plant that is organic, we modify the recipe of tea automatically.

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