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Virage Santé offers you an assortment of great quality supplements whose efficiency is appreciated by all our clients. Made of natural and biological ingredients, our supplements are for people that are looking for vitality and well-being every day and that are concerned about the origin and quality of the products they consume. We warrant safety and harmlessness by submitting our supplements to rigorous quality controls. Therefore all our products are certified by Health Canada and have a natural product number (NPN).

Excellence is what drives the creation of each of our natural products. We use our know-how and expertise to offer supplements that meet your needs. The efficiency and innovation of our formulas are known by health professionals. Since our products are developed from a global health standpoint, our supplements provide maximum benefits that affect many body regulation systems. Among others, Virage Santé offers you supplements to help relieve joint pain, control sugar-blood levels, lose and maintain weight, manage stress, get better sleep, ease digestion and improve memory and concentration. 

Your health and well-being are at the heart of our priorities.

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  • Chanca Piedra+

    Chanca Piedra+

    Special Price: CA$28.99

    Chanca Piedra promotes the elimination of uric acid, a waste associated to the app...
  • Muira Puama+

    Muira Puama+

    Special Price: CA$28.99

    Muira Puama has a long history in herbal medicine as an aphrodisiac, a nervine ton...
  • Graviola+


    Special Price: CA$28.99

    Graviola+ increases the immune system's natural defenses and acts to reinforce the...
  • H+ (male)

    H+ (male)

    Special Price: CA$29.99

    Stress, depression, lack of energy? The H+ blend is designed for men experiencing ...
  • InSea2®


    Special Price: CA$31.99

    The connection between balancing weight and glycemia is now an established fact....
  • NeuroComplex


    Special Price: CA$42.95

    NeuroComplex contains a combination of five exceptional nutrients to improve cer...
  • KeraComplex


    Special Price: CA$51.99


7 Item(s)

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