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boite Sveltamax

Q. : Can I take Sveltamax while being pregnant?

R. : You cannot take the Sveltamax diet if you are pregnant.


Q. : Can I take Sveltamax if I have heart problems?

R. : If you have heart problems, there are no contraindications.

Q. : How do I take the cure?

BREAKFAST : Take 2 capsules of Sveltacap (green tea)
DINNER : Take 2 capsules of Sveltacap.
AFTERNOON : Take a cup of Great Figure.
SUPPER: 30 minutes before meal, take 2 capsules of InSea2 (brown seaweeds). 

* Please note that Great Figure herbal tea is taken 1-2 times per day. ** Green tea contains theine: it provides energy and stimulates metabolism. If you have trouble with sleep, it would be advisable not take green tea in the evening.


Q. : I have trouble with my thyroid gland (I take Synthroid every morning) and I tend to have low blood pressure. Is there any contraindications in taking Sveltamax?

 R. : Regarding thyroid gland issues, are you careful with how much salt you ingest? If so, you should check with your physician that InSea2®’s iodine content isn’t harmful to you (the content is shown in the ingredients on the InSea2® store). If not, you need not worry for InSea2® has been deiodized and contains less iodine than common fine salt.

Fine salt: ½ teaspoon » 250 μg of mineral iodine (added and modified)

InSea2®: two capsules = less than 150 μg of natural iodine (complexed and organic)


Q. : Are there any risks in taking the product “InSea2®” if I have severe allergies to seafood or fish?

R. : InSea2® is made of brown algae extracts. If your allergies are not related to iodine intolerance, you can take an InSea2® capsule 30 minutes before meal to test the product. If you feel any discomfort, stop using the product. If you do not suffer from iodine intolerance, you should not feel any discomfort when using the product.


Q. : How often should the Sveltamax diet be used?

R.: The combined elements of the Sveltamax cure act as metabolism enhancers in order to burn fat and as blood sugar regulators all the while reducing appetite and calming cravings. The infusion completes the process by positively effecting elimination and water retention. Therefore, to get good results in a greater weight loss effort, a longer use of the Sveltamax cure, from 1 to 3 months, is recommended. Its efficiency will be at its best in the course of a diet that includes healthy eating and physical activity.


Q.: I take medicine for blood pressure and cholesterol and I also suffer from SULFA allergies. Is it alright to use this product?

R.: If you take medicine for blood pressure and cholesterol, begin with 1 Sveltacap capsule before each meal, which means 2 capsules a day, for the first week. For the second week, go up to 2 Sveltacap capsules before each meal – 4 capsules per day. There are no contraindications if you suffer from SULFA allergies.


Q.: Is the Flexcap supplement efficient enough since it only contains 300 mg of devil's claw?

R.: The Flexcap supplement was formulated through the Flexmax cure which contains the Flex-t infusion, in which is found 560 mg of devil's claw per packet in addition to including an array of medicinal plants with anti-inflammatory properties; cat's claw, nettle, horsetail and queen-of-the-meadow. Combined together and taken regularly, Flexcap and Flex-t are efficient natural products that effectively relieve joint pain. Flexcap alone is recommended in case of inflammation. It is advised to take up to 2 tablets, 3 times a day, for 2 to 3 months.


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