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Qui sommes-nous?

About us

Founded in 1994, Virage Santé is a company from Quebec specialized in natural products. Virage Santé offers an array of natural products like teas, Lalma herbal teas, bamboo infusions, probiotics as well as supplements for joints, glycemia and weight loss. What is Virage Santé's secret? Simple, efficient formulas with great taste.


1994: Teas and Herbal teas

Virage Santé’s Herbal Teas Division makes sure Lalma Herbal Teas and Bamboo Tea Infusions are made from quality ingredients, harvested in accordance with good environmental practices. Teas, herbal teas and infusions are biological and offered in a number of varieties: thyme tea, mint tea, green tea, Japanese tea, Chinese tea, Echinacea infusion. Each one of Virage Santé's many teas and herbal teas provides its benefits like helping weight loss, inducing sleep, fighting insomnia, helping digestion, eliminating toxins, reducing joint pain or helping to breathe while infected.


2000: Probiotic

Having gained a good reputation for its expertise and know-how, Virage Santé took an important step, in the year 2000, by creating its Probiotics Division. CThese probiotics aim to alleviate certain health problems like constipation; newborn, baby, child and adult intestinal florae problems when taking antibiotics; diarrhea; gas; bloating; gastrointestinal discomforts; irritable bowel syndrome; baby colic; ulcerative colitis; turista; gastroenteritis, Crohn's disease; mouth ulcers, lactose intolerance and vaginal florae. The Research & Development team distinguished itself by introducing new products and providing scientific information, as well as training sessions, to health professionals and their customers.


2011: Organic, Lactose-free, Gluten-free and Sugar-free Supplements

To continue in the same vein, ten years later, Virage Santé has developed a variety of supplements. The Research & Development team especially created innovative and effective products to help maintain a good quality of life. Always well supported scientifically, these new products are put through extensive quality controls to insure their safety and harmlessness. Among our supplements, Flexmax will appease your joint pain and Glycemax will help in the control of your blood sugar levels. For its part, InSea affects weight control and glycemia while Pure Magnesia benefits sleep, mood and digestion and helps fight stress and fatigue. Finally, Sveltamax can help you lose weight or maintain your healthy weight.


Our Team

Virage Santé’s Team is made up of passionate and qualified men and women. They offer the best products on the market to theircustomers, thus having a real impact on people's lives.

The people making up the R & D Division work in the design and development of winning formulas, while always observing strict control procedures and standards. They also provide advice, information, assistance and guidance to customers, and are always on the lookout for new trends in scientific research.

Renowned for their expertise in natural health products, Virage Santé’s team thrives for a job well done. Deploying all their knowledge and know-how, every employee makes sure each production step is in accordance with the quality standards and requirements of the GMPs. All are proud of taking part in the growth of a company built on high team spirit.


Gisèle Lacasse



Roger Lacasse

Vice President, Business development


Odette Cameron

Administrative assistant


Production Team


Our partners

With the progress of its market and in order to expand it further, Virage Santé manages to adapt to new realities. To help and promote its scientific research, Virage Santé has some of its projects under financial support from the National Research Council Canada (NRC).

Business partners

CNRC, BDC, SDÉ Lévis, Emploi Québec, Canada Economic Development


Consortium Aliments santé (Québec International), Groupe Export agroalimentaire Québec-Canada, TransBIOTech, Cintech agroalimentaire, CQVB, Aliments du Québec, Julie Maurice


Our certifications

Operating licence issued by Health Canada, GMP standard, Kosher, "Aliments préparés au Québec", "Aliments préparés au Québecc - BIO"

  Aliments Préparés au Québec   Aliments Préparés au Québec-Bio

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