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Manufacturing Service

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Virage Santé uses state-of-the-art equipment to produce nutraceutical products in a number of galenic forms and packaging formats: pouches, capsules, powders, blister packs, liquids, etc. We put this production capacity to work for clients who wish to prepare private brands. Virage Santé also offers joint management services for packaging so you can enjoy turnkey services every step of the way – from product design and development to marketing.


Virage Santé takes a client-first approach, and its flexible structure yields a superior production capacity that minimizes production time for virtually instant results.



- Hard gelatin or vegetarian capsules, size 0 and 00 and number 2



- Blister : heat-formed and heat-sealed blister cards

- Pouch filling : powder, capsules, tablets or gel caps; unique or multiple doses pouches; different sizes of pouches including stick pouches; tea bag; pressure sealed bag

- Bottling : powder, capsules, tablets or gel caps; safety seal with complete body band; insertion of a dessicant or cotton ; automated labelling

- Liquid: mixture preparations, essential oil, gel and cream


Quality Assurance

- All activities are controlled by standard operating procedures developed and implemented by the Quality Assurance Department. 

- Virage Santé complies with regulations governing NHP and hold an operating license issued by Health Canada (Certificate Number : 300325)


Quality Control

- Virage Santé ensures finished products conformity : continuous quality control from raw materials to finished products in accordance with B.P.F.

- Guaranteed safe, risk free, and healthy at all times 

- Objective: Virage Santé is currently working to implement and adjust new standards with a view to obtaining HACCP and SQF certification in 2021.


Research & Development

- Virage Santé offers joint packaging management services

- Turnkey service, from product design to formulae preparation, up to marketing, including Health Canada product license application (PLA)


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