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By : Sophie M.
Posted : 
April 2, 2014
Having suffered from irritable bowel syndrome for many years, restaurants and trips have always been unthinkable for me. I really didn't like having to isolate myself due to my condition preventing me from leading a normal life. I then got the Lactofib probiotic supplement from the drugstore close to where I live. Lactofib saved my life! I can now eat at restaurants, go on long bike rides and even travel! Thank you so much Virage Santé for placing this product on my path!

By : David
Posted : March 1st, 2014
Lalma tea's are delicious and miraculous! My doctor has no problem with its frequent use. I love it!

By : Jean-Yves S.
Posted : February 2, 2014
After suffering from recurring diverticulitis problems (4 attacks), a preventive ablation of a part of my colon had to be made in autumn 2013. I had a lot of trouble recuperating and regaining a certain level of regularity. Even though I was taking probiotics (Bio-K+), my digestive system was far from working well. One of my colleagues suggested that I try a new type of probiotics, Bifilact, which had been successfully tested in a university medical center. So I started to take 2 tablets a day and after only one week I saw real improvement (regularity + stool texture more solid). I am down to my last tablets but I plan to take Virage Santé's Bifilact again if I need it, because it works! Thanks!

By : D. Fargora
Posted : January 28, 2014
I've tried different intestinal and digestive functions regulation products. I wanted a product without Senna, which is harmful, and, finally, I was directed towards Lalma's Easy Lax herbal tea. A discovery! Truly a small miracle! I used to be miss chronic constipation, and I was sure that nothing – certainly not an infusion – could help me in any way. But… surprise! And what a surprise! A gem. Besides, I suggested it to a number of people who were complaining about chronic constipation and all of them, without exception, have adopted your herbal tea. So I hope you don't pull it from the market, as it too often happens with products that people adopt due to their efficiency. Thanks!!

By: Liv S.
Posted: January 9, 2014
This tea tastes very good for a Detox tea. It has aided in my process of quitting smoking immensely and I feel more energized and happy as the toxins from years of smoking are leaving my body. Thank you!


By: Katia G.
Posted: January 3, 2014
I would like to tell you that your herbal teas are very good!

By : Raymonde D.
Posted : September 10, 2013
Since 5 months, I drink a tea bag of Silhouette by day. To date, I lost 37 pounds combined with better nutrition! I am very satisfied with this tea.

By : Annie Archambault
Posted : December 26, 2012

I am just writing to tell you that I am very satisfied with your Easy Lax herbal tea. Long ago I was looking for an herbal tea that tasted good and that actually worked. Bravo!


By : France Massé
Posted : December 1st, 2012

I am the lucky winner of your contest in December. I just received the gift and I thank you very much. As a major consumer of teas, I will enjoy. All content is interesting. Thank you again.


By : George & Josephine M.
Posted : August 21, 2012

I'm writing this email to thank you for your excellent tea products and for the pleasant online experience from your site. We recently ordered your Detox Tea product and couldn't be happier. The taste is exceptional, the quality of ingredients is evident as soon as you open up the box. The product packaging is first class and the savings when ordering online is welcomed surprise. Keep up the good work!!

My wife and I enjoy your product every evening and we would definitely be ordering from your site on an ongoing basis. Thanks again!!


By : Anik Pelletier
Posted : April 12, 2012

Your program SVELTAMAX is really very effective. In addition to having lost weight (with proper nutrition (reduced calories) and exercise + I have no taste always snacking (satiety). It is very easy to follow, so I recommend it to everyone motivated to lose weight. Thank you!


By : Elisabeth
Posted : August 27, 2011

Simply a note to say that my order arrived very quickly, and I'm delighted to finally to have found the excellent Lalma tea which I first discovered when I stayed at a spa in Quebec by that name several years ago. I also wanted to thank you for sending the complimentary box of tea which I look forward to sampling. I wish you all the best in your healing mission.


By : A comment from Lalma herbal teas lover on the text « Faut-il nettoyer notre système » appeared on Jean-Yves Dionne website.
Posted : October 17, 2011 

"Hi Jean-Yves,
[...] To solve a constipation problem, I tested - and oh so appreciated! - an herbal tea made of mallow (Malva verticillata). This is the Great Figure herbal tea.

Since then, my system is regulated. I eliminate daily in addition to no longer have bloating and gas and I get to keep my weight more easily. I adjusted the prescribed dose that I found a little too intense, which means that I take the tier of the indicated dose (about 1 cup per day after the evening meal).  I am a person who eats healthy and balanced way. Also, I drink close to 2 liters per day and my diet is rich in fiber. I confess that I could move a bit more. :) What do you think of this tea? Effects in the medium-term are they to fear? I'm trying to get pregnant, I know that purple is not indicated during pregnancy, but in the meantime ...  [..]  Barbara »

Jean-Yves Dionne response

"Hi Barbara, Virage Santé's Lalma herbla teas are very good products. The plant here is a interesting variety of mallow (Malva verticillata). It has a laxative effect due to its mucilage. It is not irritating and does not cause cramping. I do not know its safety in pregnancy. Should consult the company. Health! " 

See the article and comments: click here (in french only)

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